Considering the rising environmental pollution and its possible outcomes, roofers in San Gabriel have come up with a unique approach of going green. With the power of technologies the roofers now offer green roofs to their clients. Mr and Mrs Marley share their experiences, “when the experts we hired from Jake Roofing suggested us to opt for green roof, a more environmentally friendly option, we could not believe it was for real.” Also if you think you will be less privileged by going green, then look at the myriad advantages that green roofing offers you,




  • It brings in a sustainable drainage system. The water first gets stored in the plants and allows the drainage process to happen less rapidly. It reduces the chances of flooding.
  • Your roof will be entirely covered by green plants. So, the materials won’t be directly exposed to the natural elements. Thus it increases the lifespan of the roofing materials.
  • A green plant can maintain the temperature of your roof. You won’t feel too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter.


“It was a blessing that we contacted Jake Roofing and they suggested us to go green. It was the most beautiful and wisest decision we have ever made. Our house looks stunning with green plants on the top” says the Marley family.


There are a lot of options available if you choose your roof to be environmentally-friendly. Let’s take a look,


  1. Cool Roof

If you are living in a hot humid climate zone where the summer time brings in scorching sun, then the “cool roof” is quite amazing. The contractor will paint the roof with white color. As you know white reflects most of the sunlight. So, your roof will be least warm even during the summer.


  1. Clay Roof

Clay tile is one of the wisest choices. The clay tiles have the longest life span of 100 years too. So, this has been a trend for over centuries. While using clay tiles you can save up the cost of AC bills.


  1. Green Roof

This is what the Marley family chose. Green roofs are also called living roofs. Your roof will entirely be covered with green plants. It offers thousands of benefits besides you are causing zero environmental problems. Mrs Marley says, “Our children loved the green roof. It also did look wonderful like a dream house.”


Only expert San Gabriel roofers can successfully place these ideas in real life. It requires expertise, knowledge and necessary experience to bring each of these ideas into reality that too successfully. So, if you want to opt for an environmentally-friendly roof top option then consult with one of the best roofers, Jake Roofing for best advice.